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Bio Crop TedScott copyTed L. Scott is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana.  He has been in ministry for more than twenty years, accepting his call at the age of 17.  Ted graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marketing from Louisiana State University in 1996. He graduated from Liberty Theological Seminary with his Master’s Degree in Theological Studies in August 2010. Ted is a Louisiana Board Certified Chaplain. 
Ted L. Scott is currently serving as the Site Pastor for the Harvest Temple-Shreveport Campus.  He has been married for more than 22 years to his college sweetheart, Lady LaKeitha Scott. He is the proud father of Khala and Kyle Scott.
Ted L. Scott has a true passion to see the people of God prosper spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. 

Bible Reading Plan


Isa 25:1-28:13sound.gif
Gal 3:10-22sound.gif
Psa 61:1-8sound.gif
Prov 23:17-18sound.gif


Isa 28:14-30:11sound.gif
Gal 3:23-4:31sound.gif
Psa 62:1-12sound.gif
Prov 23:19-21sound.gif


Isa 30:12-33:12sound.gif
Gal 5:1-12sound.gif
Psa 63:1-11sound.gif
Prov 23:22sound.gif


Isa 33:13-36:22sound.gif
Gal 5:13-26sound.gif
Psa 64:1-10sound.gif
Prov 23:23sound.gif


Isa 37:1-38:22sound.gif
Gal 6:1-18sound.gif
Psa 65:1-13sound.gif
Prov 23:24sound.gif


Take a day to review or catch up!


Take a day to review or catch up!
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