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Elder Ted Scott received Harvest Temple as a vision from God in 1989 while he was stationed in West Germany. The Lord instructed him to return to Bossier City, LA and start the "Harvest Temple Church of God in Christ".

In May 1990 Harvest Temple was born. Pastor Ted Scott, Evangelist Daisy Lee Scott and their five children (Daniel, Ted, Marcia, Marcus, and Melody), Mother Rebecca Cooper, Mother Flossie Mae Scott, Christine Sanders, and Minister Edward and Sister Alicia Boyd were the beginning church. Church services were held at the Holiday Inn Bossier City. Prayer meetings were held at Sister Christine Sander's home and members came as the vision caught on.

Within a few months an opportunity came to have fellowship at 805 Eatman Street, Bossier City, LA. Harvest Temple shared the edifice with the Faith Temple Assembly of God. Sunday school started at 1:00 p.m. and worship service was at 2:00 p.m. A short time later the opportunity came and we were able purchase the church building. A seven year mortgage was taken out and the vision had taken root. Harvest Temple: "A Church For Those Who Want A Change. "

The Lord heard their prayers and supplication for men to help Pastor Scott and he sent laborers and prayer warriors to the ministry. Harvest Temple began to blossom. Lillie Shaw, Yvonne Jenkins, and Minister James and Sister Maxine Frazier were some of the first families to join the local church.

Significant accomplishment over the past years:

  • 1991 Purchased our First Church building at 805 Eatman for over $30,000.
  • 1991 Purchased our first robes for our 30 voice choir.
  • 1992 Purchased our first computer and computerized our office of finance.
  • 1993 Church improvement at 805 Eatman Street (new parking lot,  fence, entrance doors, sound system). Location also paid in full.
  • 1994 Purchased 7½ acres at 2107 Shed Road Bossier City, LA for over $120,000.
  • 1996 Land and buildings at 2421, 2423, and 2425 Malcolm Street in Shreveport, LA were donated to the ministry.
  • 1997 Land at 2107 Shed Road paid off.
  • 1998 Building at 805 Eatman Street sold to House of Purpose Full Gospel Baptist Church.
  • 1998 Purchased our current location at 1633 Benton Road Bossier City, LA for over $300,000.
  • 1999 Weekly radio broadcast could be heard on Saturdays at 10:15am on station KOKA 980 AM.
  • 2000 Parking lot renovations for over $14,000.
  • 2001 Created church website: and E-mail:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 2002 Second Mission Center opened at 1644 Looney Street Shreveport,  LA and church mortgage refinanced for over $100,000 at 5%
  • 2003 Formed corporation known as Harvest Temple Community Services, Inc.
  • 2003 Flossie Mae Scott Scholarship Foundation established.
  • 2004 Harvest Temple mortgage burning on October 10
  • 2005 Purchased new choir robes.
  • 2005 Major church renovations and improvements.
  • 2006 Implementation of the Serenity Day Program under Harvest Temple Community Services, Inc. This program teaches parenting skills, stress management, healthy living, nutrition/dietary, self- esteem skills, and job training. 
  • 2007 Established Harvest Temple Institute.
  • 2007 Updated media ministry to include cds and dvds.
  • 2007 Purchased a church van.
  • 2008 Purchased new choir robes; instituted a 13 member Board of Trustees; hired a certified CPA; added a new roof
  • 2009 Purchased new Heating and Air Conditioning Unit; 45 new members have joined since the last church anniversary.
  • 2010 Purchased new gas range; new air conditioning unit for Pastor Scott’s office.  Internet Facebook page established; 34 new members have joined since last Church Anniversary.
  • 2011 New pews and carpet in sanctuary and three offices, new choir seating, renovated the men’s and women’s restroom, added two flat screen monitors in foyer and fellowship hall, purchased new communion table, 27 new members have joined since the last Church Anniversary
  • 2012 Purchased a state of the art Digital Marquee, Broadcast Streaming Live of the services on the internet, Erected 3 Billboards adverting our ministry at Harvest Temple.
  • 54 new members have joined since the last church anniversary.

Harvest Temple is on the move and we thank the Lord for giving Pastor Scott the vision.


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