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Bio Crop Daisy ScottEvangelist Daisy Scott is the First Lady of the Harvest Temple Church of God in Christ. She has been married to Elder Ted Scott since 1970. During this union, she was blessed with five children and eight grandchildren.

She is an Evangelist in her own right. Evangelist Daisy Scott has been a member of the Church of God in Christ for thirty-six years and a licensed Evangelist since 1982. While overseas, she worked as a foreign missionary and served as a district missionary. Under the supervision of the late District Missionary Athelene Minor, Trinity District Women's Supervisor, Sister Scott served as the Coordinator for the Trinity District Women's Department. She also serves as the President of the Harvest Temple Women's Department of which there are many auxiliaries. Some of the auxiliaries include the Usher Board, Hospitality, Sunshine and Purity Bands. Throughout her walk in the ministry, Sister Scott worked on all of these auxiliaries to include Pastor's Aide and Choir. Sister Scott is a true woman of God who loves the Word and prayer.

  • Founder/President, Preacher's Wives Association (PWA)
  • Founder, Eminent Women's School of Ministry
  • Founder/President, Women Who Worship God Conference (WWWG)
  • The owner, Daisy's Boutique

Life Long Goals:

  • To teach and to train young women to love God
  • To teach Minister's & Pastor's Wives how to embrace their many roles
  • To establish a Preacher's Wives School of Ministry and a support ministry for Pastor's Wives
  • To establish a Foundation for Widowed Pastor's Wives

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