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"Enjoy The Fellowship Of Other Singles"

Our goal is to help all singles realize that if they seek God first, all things, including a spouse if it is desirable, will be provided for them. The Singles Ministry provides fellowship along with Words of wisdom from various leaders within the ministry. The singles meet on a monthly basis to enjoy each other through a variety of outings and activities. These outings allow our singles to meet one another and bring a level of accountability to the ministry because we are our brother's keepers! Did you know that many of the leaders in the Word of God were single? Just to name a few: Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and Paul.... what great company we are in. It is through these Biblical examples that we can learn that being single is not a handicap, but it can be a blessing. The Word of God has laid out Biblical principles for how we should live our lives as singles, and by attending our meetings you will learn how to apply them to your everyday life.

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