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Bio Crop Pastor Scott  

Family & Church Background

Elder Ted Scott has been a member of the COGIC Church since the age of eight. He has served in the Church Choir, Young People's Willing Workers Leader, Sunday School Teacher and Sunday School Superintendent. Elder Scott served as an evangelist and pastor for many years. He also organized and served as District Superintendent in West Germany.

He has served as Pastor of the following Churches:

  • House of Prayer COGIC - West Germany
  • Northern Germany COGIC - West Germany
  • Greater Love COGIC - West Germany
  • Nuremberg COGIC - West Germany
  • Harvest Temple COGIC - Bossier City, LA (Current)

Ted married Daisy from Shreveport, Louisiana. Their 39 years of marriage has given them five children: Daniel, Ted, Marcia, Marcus and Melody; two daughters-in-law, one son-in-law and eight grandchildren. God has also blessed them with numerous spiritual sons and daughters throughout the world. 


  • Baptist Christian College, Shreveport, LA
    Degree: Bachelor of Art
    Major: Theology

  • Louisiana Baptist University, Shreveport, LA
    Degree: Bachelor of Art
    Major: Psychology and Christian Counseling

  • Southern University, Shreveport, LA
    Degree: Associate of ArtC.H. Mason Bible College, Norfolk, VA
    Major: Old and New Testament Survey

Military Background:

Retired (Army) Master Sergeant with 21 years of Honorable service

Currently Serving As:

  • Pastor and Founder of Harvest Temple since May 1990.
  • Instructor at Charles Harrison Mason Bible College, Shreveport since 1995.
  • President and CEO of Harvest Temple Community Services, Inc. since 2003.
  • President of Mission for the First Jurisdiction of Louisiana of Church of God in Christ Mission Department since 2000.
  • Vice President of Northwest Louisiana Marriage Coalition, Inc. since 2004.

Bible Reading Plan


Hosea 4:1-5:15sound.gif
2 Jn 1-13sound.gif
Psa 125:1-5sound.gif
Prov 29:9-11sound.gif


Hosea 6:1-9:17sound.gif
3 Jn 1-15sound.gif
Psa 126:1-6sound.gif
Prov 29:12-14sound.gif


Hosea 10:1-14:9sound.gif
Jude 1-25sound.gif
Psa 127:1-5sound.gif
Prov 29:15-17sound.gif


Joel 1:1-3:21sound.gif
Rev 1:1-20sound.gif
Psa 128:1-6sound.gif
Prov 29:18sound.gif


Amos 1:1-3:15sound.gif
Rev 2:1-17sound.gif
Psa 129:1-8sound.gif
Prov 29:19-20sound.gif


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Take a day to review or catch up!
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